Autohemotherapy is a procedure in which the patient's own blood is drawn and then re-injected to strengthen the immune system and promote regeneration. The quality and reliability of many surgical dental treatments have been shown to be improved by the use of the patient's own blood and its contents.

When can Autohemotherapy be applied?

The quality and reliability of many surgical dental treatments can be demonstrably improved by using the body's own blood components.

We have also discovered other applications for autologous blood therapy. For example, peri-implantitis treatment, especially with the Galvo Surge device, is an ideal application. Here, in cases of bone loss due to chronic implant inflammation, galvanic cleaning, bone substitute material and PRF are used in an attempt to permanently reintegrate the dental implant into the tooth row.

Other areas would be the stimulation of the hair roots for a fuller hair and the so-called vampire lifting for wrinkle injection in the facial area.

Autologous Blood Therapy

Autologous blood therapy knows many subgroups, to mention a few as examples:

  • a-PRF activated Platlet Rich Fibrin
  • i-PRF injectable Platelet Rich Fibrin
  • Sticky Bone: i-prf mixed with bone substitute material

Essentially, a blood draw is performed before surgery and the tubes are centrifuged for several minutes depending on the desired result.  Mainly we use PRF in bone augmentation.