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We are very pleased that you have found your way to us and invite you to explore our website. Here you can find out everything about our services and treatments. We are all about your dental health and your bright smile. We are firmly convinced that a healthy and beautiful set of teeth contributes significantly to your quality of life.
Our experienced team is at your side with great passion and expertise to provide you with the best possible treatment. Your individual needs are always at the centre of our attention. We take the time to answer your questions and work with you to develop a treatment strategy that is tailored to you.

About our services

In our specialist practice for oral and maxillofacial surgery, we place particular emphasis on gentle and careful procedures. Whether it is the removal of wisdom teeth, root end surgeries , bone augmentation or other operations, we always focus on an optimal and long-term stable result.
In implantology, too, we always strive to offer you the latest treatment options. However, we do not adopt every trend, but rely on proven or promising methods. Thanks to continuous training and intensive cooperation with colleagues, we are in the fortunate position of having a good overview of current dental developments.

The Dentist

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About our office

What sets us apart from many other dental practices? 

Our practice feature is the almost unique collaboration of orthodontics and oral surgery under one roof outside of a university clinic. Dr. Carina Wick and Dr. Felix Wick work closely together, which benefits many patients. The different treatment focuses complement each other ideally and lead to optimised results, e.g. in wisdom tooth removal or implant placement during aligner treatment. The well thought-out planning of both disciplines prevents unnecessary setbacks. The procedures are well-rehearsed, so that treatments are efficient and time-saving.

Another advantage: everything takes place in one place without having to travel back and forth between different offices. Our goal is maximum comfort through comprehensive treatment options under one roof.

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Occupational History

Specialist in oral and maxillofacial surgery 2020

Self-employed dentist specialising in implantology and oral surgery 2018

Residency in oral and maxillofacial surgery, Vienna General Hospital 2013-2020

Dr. med. dent. Medical University of Vienna, 2017

Dr. med. univ Medical University of Vienna, 2012

Surgical assistant for plastic surgery and orthopaedics , Orthopaedic Hospital Speising 2009 - 2012

Anatomy Tutor Medical University of Vienna 2009 - 2012

Dental technician/
Anxiety patients

After a long collaboration with selected dental technicians, a good workflow has been established to enable the smoothest possible completion of your desired work. One of these dental technicians has his laboratory directly in our office. This makes it possible to discuss future work in a timely and uncomplicated manner. This is a great advantage, especially for the individual design of crowns or bridges.

In a pleasant atmosphere and with a lot of empathy, we would like to make your visit to the dentist as pleasant as possible. We are aware that some people have a certain shyness or fear of dental procedures. Here we are determined to take away these concerns and gain your trust. Furthermore, there is the possibility to work with relaxation drops or to carry out the treatment under anaesthesia.

detailed consultation

Ausführliche Beratung Dr. Wick

Continuing education &
joint practice

Continuing education is essential for a dentist because, as in any medical field, there are always new and great things happening. In order to meet the demands of patients and dental progress, I, as well as my colleagues Dr. Carina Wick (Vienna & Linz) , Dr. Arthur Marczell (Vienna) and Dr. Rudolf Matheis (Linz) are always trying to stay up to date.

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The Dentist, Dr. Dr. Felix Wick

01 Dental implants Vienna: The highest quality replacement for your own teeth

Dr. Dr. Felix Wick is a specialist in oral and maxillofacial surgery and a specialist in dental implants and aesthetic implantology. At our practice in 1060 Vienna, we place particular emphasis on gentle and careful procedures. Our patients also appreciate the efficient cooperation between orthodontics and oral surgery under one roof and the resulting time-saving procedures. Make your appointment online now!

02 Maxillofacial surgery in 1060 Vienna

In our specialist practice for oral and maxillofacial surgery in 1060 Vienna, Dr Dr Felix Wick places particular emphasis on gentle and careful procedures. Detailed counselling and the best possible long-term results are at the forefront of all treatments. All oral surgery procedures can also be performed under general anaesthetic on request. You are welcome to make an appointment online.

03 Bone augmentation and sinus lift

There is not always enough bone to adequately hold a dental implant. In this case, bone augmentation is necessary. At our oral surgery practice in 1060 Vienna, you will be treated by our specialist in oral and maxillofacial surgery, Dr. Dr. Felix Wick, who will check whether bone augmentation is necessary in your case during a thorough initial consultation. You are welcome to make an appointment online!

04 Oral Hygiene

Prevention is better than aftercare: regular professional dental cleaning is essential for good oral health.

05 Autohemotherapy

PRF treatment with autologous blood promotes wound healing and regeneration after oral surgery. It can also be used to support bone augmentation and implant treatments.

06 Peri-implantitis - symptoms & treatment of inflammation around the implant

Gum inflammation in the area around a dental implant can not only be painful, it can also sometimes go unnoticed. If left untreated, they can even lead to the loss of the implant in the long term.

At our dental practice in 1060 Vienna, oral surgeon Dr. Dr. Felix Wick performs peri-implantitis treatments. Our aim is to combat the inflammation with the appropriate conservative or surgical measures and to ensure that the implant is preserved.

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07 Botox

Dr Dr Felix Wick also offers wrinkle treatment with Botox in our practice, for example in the areas of the forehead, frown lines and the side of the eyes.

08 Other Treatments

Find out about other treatments in our range of services, including grinding splints, sports splints, tissue samples and 3D X-rays.