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3D X-rays

What is 3-D X-ray?

3D X-ray, digital volume tomography (DVT) is the most modern version of dental X-ray. Here, all structures are imaged three-dimensionally and without superimposition.

When is the 3-D X-ray process used?

This is particularly important for some wisdom teeth and the passing nerves before wisdom tooth surgery , as well as for more complex planning of dental implants. Here, one wants to make maximum use of the existing bone for the intended dental implant and not injure any adjacent structures such as tooth roots, minks or the paranasal sinuses.

When is it necessary to use 3D X-Rays?

It is essential to obtain a three-dimensional image of the tissues in the case of cysts in the maxilla or mandible in order to determine the true extent of the cyst space.

Who can use it?

We are also happy to offer our 3D X-ray to the patients of referring colleagues, who then receive the data on a USB stick.