Other Treatments

Treatments under anesthesia

Anesthesia in the practice

We also offer all surgical treatments under general anesthesia. Here a team around an anesthesiologist comes to our practice and takes care of our patients. In the case of particularly extensive surgeries with several dental implants or larger bone augmentations, it is a good, but not absolutely necessary option to make treatment more comfortable.

Treatment in the private clinic

If desired, we can also perform our operations at the Vienna Private Clinic. This is usually associated with a short inpatient stay. This treatment method is often used for the removal of wisdom teeth. Most Austrian private insurance companies carry out direct billing with the Vienna Private Clinic. This means that there are no separate costs for the patient.

Medication for relaxation

An alternative to treatment under anesthesia is the administration of psychopax drops. The active ingredient is diazepam, which is a benzodiazepine. The drops are taken about 30 minutes before the start of treatment. The effect is anxiety-relieving and calming. Thus, they are particularly suitable for people who have increased tension before dental treatments and especially operations under local anesthesia, i.e. without anesthesia.