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All-on-4/6 in Vienna: Fixed teeth in one day

All-on-4/6 in Vienna: Fixed teeth in one day

The All-on-4 concept (or All-on-6) offers an innovative solution for complete tooth replacement with only four or six implants per jaw. This method is ideal for patients who are looking for quick and efficient treatment options for extensive tooth loss. Oral surgeon Dr. Dr. Felix Wick will be happy to advise you in detail on the All-on-4/6 treatment method at our specialist practice for oral and maxillofacial surgery in 1060 Vienna. Please feel free to make an appointment online.

Advantages of the All-on-4/6 concept

  1. Efficiency: The procedure requires fewer implants and is often less invasive.
  2. Fast results: Patients can often be fitted with a temporary bridge on the same day of treatment.
  3. Cost-effectiveness: Compared to traditional methods, All-on-4/6 can be more cost-effective.
  4. Replacing all teeth: All-on-4/6 is also possible when all teeth are missing in one or both jaws.

Fixed teeth in one day

This is a frequent request from patients who are planning to have a fixed bridge fabricated using the All-on-4/6 concept. If the implants can be anchored firmly enough in the jawbone, we are happy to comply with this request.

By blocking the implants with a fixed bridge, an immediate restoration is possible on the day of the operation. To this end, we carry out careful planning in advance. The dental technician collects important information before the operation and prepares a temporary prosthesis immediately afterwards. This is worn for at least two months before the final prosthesis is made. It takes the dental technician about half a day to make the temporary prosthesis.

Comprehensive planning in advance is crucial for a successful end result that guarantees your long-term satisfaction. Dr. Dr. Felix Wick will be happy to conduct a non-binding consultation and provide you with information about All-on-4 in Vienna. Simply make an appointment online.

Our tip: The most cost-effective option for fixed restorations

The All-on-4 concept is the most cost-effective way of providing a fixed restoration for an entire jaw. Alternatively, two to four separate bridges can be attached to implants, for example. However, a significantly higher price is to be expected here.

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Treatment procedure

  • Planning: Treatment begins with a comprehensive diagnosis and planning using digital imaging.
  • Implantation: Four strategically placed implants provide the basis for the prosthesis.
  • Prosthesis: After a healing phase, the final prosthesis is fitted.

For whom is the All-on-4/6 method suitable?

  • People with significant tooth loss
  • Patients looking for a quick and less invasive solution


It is particularly important that special consideration is given to anatomical constrictions such as nerves or the maxillary sinus, and in the case of particularly challenging anatomical conditions or if the procedure has to be absolutely minimally invasive (for example when taking medication to thin the blood), it is possible to place the implant using a 3D-planned drilling template. For more information, see 3D-navigated implantation.

Frequently asked questions about the All-on-4/6 concept

What is the All-on-4 concept?

The All-on-4 concept is an innovative method for producing fixed dentures. In this procedure, the entire dental arch is treated with just four implants. These implants are strategically placed in the jawbone to provide maximum stability and support for the dentures. A special feature of this concept is the placement technique of the two rear implants: They are usually tilted backwards by 30 degrees, which allows the row of teeth to be extended, resulting in improved functionality and aesthetics.


What does the All-on-4/6 method cost?

The cost of the All-on-4 method can vary depending on the practitioner and region, but is usually in the low to mid five-figure range. This includes both the surgical costs and the dentures. The aim of Dr. Dr. Felix Wick's practice is to offer particularly efficient solutions in order to avoid unnecessary costs.


How long does All-on-4/6 last?

With proper care and regular dental check-ups, an All-on-4 prosthesis can last for many years. The implants themselves can last a lifetime with good oral hygiene and no serious health problems.


Can you eat everything with All-on-4/6?

Yes, you can eat almost all foods with All-on-4 dentures. After the initial healing phase, during which soft food is recommended, All-on-4 prostheses offer a high degree of stability.